NimbleKit Tutorials.

Tutorial 1: Environment Setup

NimbleKit itself is a library of useful functions which simplify iOS applications development and allow function calls from Javascript. As any library NimbleKit can not be used without suitable IDE (Integrated Development Environment), which in our case is Xcode, part of Apple's iOS SDK. Therefore that will be the first thing we need.
Go to Apple's developer center and register a free account. This will allow you to download latest iOS SDK (while you are still beginner please don't use any iOS betas). Once iOS SDK downloaded open the DMG image and install SDK into "/Developer" folder. It is important to install exactly to that folder as NimbleKit while install process will look for iOS installation exactly at that location.
After iOS SDK is installed it is time to download and install NimbleKit. Go to NimbleKit's home page and download latest version. As iOS SDK is the only software required to be installed on the computer in order to use NimbleKit (iOS 4.2 or newer required) we can install NimbleKit now.

Voila, all set and ready to use, to create new project launch Xcode application located in /Developer/Applications/ folder and create new NimbleKit-based project as shown on the screenshot.

Thanks for choosing NimbleKit!